Lionel Messi NOT on Barcelona’s flight to Russia, next stop Japan?

The Barcelona player will not be joining the team for the next match of the Champions League, as he is not able to fly to the country.
The Spanish club will play in the Europa League, so the player will be able to participate in the competition.
However, the club will not play in this tournament, as it is not in the top 4.
LionEL Messi is not on the list of the most expensive players in the world. The cost of the player is estimated at $100 million.
This is the reason why the club decided not to fly the player to the next stage of the competition, as well as to not play it in the Champions league.

However the club is not the only one that is not going to play in that tournament.
Barcelona will play at the next round of the Europa league, which will be held in the summer.
It is worth noting that the team will play against the team of ​​Real Madrid, so it will be interesting to watch the match.
Will Messi be able
to participate in that match?
The player will miss the match, as the club has to play at home.
Real Madrid will be the main rival of the team, as they have the best players in Europe.
Messi will be one of the main stars of the club, so he will be very important for the team.
He will be a key player in the team that will be ready to compete with the main rivals of the Spanish capital.
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Latest results of the game
The team will face Real in the next season, so they will play with the team from the capital. The last time the team faced this rival was in the previous season, when they lost to the team by the score of 0:4.
In the next game, the team is going to face the team who is the main contender for the title of the best team in the EPL.
That is why it is very important to follow the results of this match, because the team has a good chance to win the title.
After the defeat of the Madrid team, the main goal of the Barcelona players is to win another trophy.
They have already won the Champions trophy, so this season they will try to win even more.
If the team manages to win this trophy, it will become the best in the history of the sport.
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Live score of the next matches
The club is going for the victory in the fight for the champion title. The team has already won three trophies, so there is a good motivation for the players.
One of the key players of the squad is Messi, who is considered the best player of the world in his position.
But the player has already played in the Spanish championship, so his performance in the matches of the national team is not so good.
Therefore, the players of Barcelona have to play with their rivals, as this is the best chance to achieve the desired result.
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Main rival of Barcelona
Real is the team in which the main ambitions of the players are fulfilled. The club has the best football players in Spain, so its main goal is to achieve a good result in the domestic championship.
Another important goal of Real is to qualify for the Champions club.
There is a chance that the club can achieve this goal, but it will require a lot of work.
At the moment, the Madrid club is the strongest in the European arena.
Despite the fact that the main competitors of the Real players are Barcelona, the fans of the latter club are not satisfied with the results.
Many of them are not able
to watch all the matches.
For this reason, the Real fans are not interested in the results, as there is no need for them.
All the latest data on the club
The Madrid club has a lot to do, as its main rivals are:
* Barcelona;
* Valencia;
* Espanyol;

* Atlético.
These clubs have a lot in common, so you can expect a lot from them. The fans of Real are not happy with the current results of their team, and they want to see a lot more from the players and their coach.
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How to follow live scores
The data about the results is updated in real time, so all the fans can follow it.
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