Transfer News: Conte against Chelsea sale of Willian; Arsenal ch …

Transfer News: Conte against Chelsea sale of Willian; Arsenal ch…
The transfer market is heating up. The transfer of Willians, the transfer of Alexis Sanchez and the transfer for the new signing of the summer, Granit Xhaka, have all been made in the last few days.
Willian is a player who is loved by many fans. He is a young player who has already managed to establish himself in the first team. The Portuguese player has already made a name for himself in Serie A, where he has already scored a few goals.
The main thing that makes Willian so special is his character. He has a good work ethic, and he is able to adapt to any situation. He also has a very good technique, which allows him to score a lot of goals. Willian is not the most expensive player, but he is a good buy for any team.
In the summer of 2016, Arsenal bought Granit. The young player has a lot to prove, and it is clear that he will do his best to do so. The Gunners have a great squad, and they will be able to compete with the best teams in the Premier League.

Conte’s future at Juventus
Juventus is in a very bad state of affairs right now. The team has not won a single trophy in the past few years. The club has a long list of players who are not performing well. The situation is even worse in the transfer market. Juventus has been trying to sign a new goalkeeper for a long time, but they have not managed to get a good offer for it.
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Juve has a number of players, who are in the middle of their careers. They are not able to demonstrate their maximum. This is why the team is not able not only to win trophies, but also to compete for the Champions League. The fans want to see Conte at the helm of the team, because he is the most experienced goalkeeper in the world, and also has the most number of titles.
However, Juventus has a difficult time. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and this is reflected in the results of the club. It is clear to everyone that the team needs to change. The coach needs to give the players a new impetus.
If Conte is appointed, then the team will definitely be able compete for trophies. The goalkeeper needs to be replaced, and Juventus will be ready to do its best in every match.
New EPL fixtures
The new EPL fixture list is here, and we will see a lot more interesting games. The new fixtures are a lot easier to follow, and you can find out the latest information about them on the sports statistics website.
There are a few changes in the EPL, and now the fixtures are much more interesting. The teams are now divided into two groups. The first group is made up of the teams that have already won the championship. The second group is for the teams who have not won the title yet.
This is a great opportunity for the clubs to show their maximum, and to get some revenge for the defeats suffered in the previous season. The fixtures of the first group are quite easy to follow. The games are divided into three parts:
1. The match between the teams from the Championship.
2. The matches between the top 4 teams.
3. The rest of the matches.
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Now, the EFL Cup is also on the list of interesting fixtures. The tournament is an opportunity for clubs to get into the Champions Cup zone. The EFL cup is a competition that is held between the best clubs in England. The winners of the tournament get into Europe’s elite club tournament.
These are the fixtures of this tournament:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;

Concerns over Arsenal’s future
The Gunners are in a difficult situation right now, and their future is very uncertain. The current season has been a disaster for the team. They have not been able to win any trophy, and have lost a lot points in matches against weaker teams. The problem is not only the failure in the domestic arena, but the failure to win the Champions league.
At the moment, the club is in the Champions club, but it is not clear how long it will last. The management has not been in a good mood for a while, and if the situation continues, then it will be very difficult for the club to get out of the Champions zone.
Arsenal is a club that is loved not only by fans, but by professionals as well. Many players have left the club, and many of them are not at the level they were before. Many of the players are in poor shape, which is reflected on the results.
Many fans are worried about the future of the Gunners, because the team has a great potential, but there are a number who are no longer able to perform at the highest level.

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