Real Madrid prepare huge bid for Tottenham star.

The club has been trying to sign the player for a long time. The player is a very good player, who is able to score goals and make the team win the matches. The Spurs are the main rivals of Real Madrid in the English Premier League.
In summer, the club tried to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, but the player refused to leave the Portuguese team. However, the player has already left the team. The club has also been trying for a while to sign Gareth Bale, but he has already decided to leave Real Madrid.
However, the Spurs are not the only team that is interested in the player. The Madrid club has already made a huge offer for the player, but Tottenham is the most likely to get the player in the near future.

The player has a contract with the club, and he is able not to leave it. The contract is worth over 100 million euros, so the club will not be able to pay the player a million pounds. However the player is able, if he wants, to leave at any time.
Real Madrid’s interest in the star player
The Madrid club is interested not only in Ronaldo, who has already signed a contract, but also in Bale. The Welshman has already said that he wants to leave Madrid. However Real Madrid is ready to pay a lot for the star footballer. The cost of signing the player would be around 100 million pounds, which is a lot of money for the club.
It is very difficult to sign a player of such a high price, but it is possible. The team has a lot to do, and the player needs to be managed well. If the player wants to stay with the team, he needs to do his best, and this is what the club expects from him.
If the player does not want to leave, he will need to find a new club, because Madrid is not a good option for him. The players’ contracts are very long, and they will not allow the club to pay for the transfer of the player at any moment.
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Interesting Tottenham Hotspur news
The Spurs are a very interesting team, and there is a good chance that the club can get a lot from the player who is interested. The Tottenham Hotspurs are a team that can be considered as a real threat to the main club in the Premier League, Manchester United.
Ronaldo is one of the main stars of the team and he has a good contract. The Portuguese player is worth 100 million dollars, and his contract is very long. It is possible that the player will leave the club at any minute, and that is why the club needs to pay him a lot.
This is why Ronaldo’ contract is so important for the team’. It can be said that the Portuguese player has the potential to become a great player, and if he continues to play like this, he can become a really great star. The main problem is that the team needs to find the right player for the position.
Of course, it is very possible that Ronaldo will leave Real, but if he does, the team will be able not only to get a good player for Ronaldo, it will also be able, together with the player’, to get even more money.
At the moment, the Tottenham Hotsur’ are not very rich, but they have a good potential. The most important thing is to find someone who can replace Ronaldo, and Tottenham Hotsu’ can be the team that will be the main contender for the title in the current season.
Main rivalries of the teams
The main rivals in the season of the English championship are Manchester United and Liverpool. The two teams are very strong, and their main goal is to win the championship.
Manchester United is the main rival of the Spurs, but there is no doubt that the Spurs can win the title, too. The Manchester United is a team of young players, and many of them are still learning the game.
Many of them have already shown their potential, and now they need to prove their worth. The problem is, that the main competitors of the Tottenham are not so strong.
Liverpool is a strong team, too, and its main goal for the season is to get into the Champions League zone. The Reds have a lot in common with the Spurs. The Liverpool is a club that is able in the long run to get to the Champions league, and in the short run it is a real contender for winning the championship of England.
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