Pep Guardiola agrees to face a Belgian journalist and let him ask question

Pep Guardiola agrees to face a Belgian journalist and let him ask question to the Manchester City players?
The club has a lot of interesting players, but it is not always easy to follow them.
The Belgian journalist, who lives in the Netherlands, is very interested in the team and wants to find out the answers to the questions.
So, the interview with Pep was held on the Internet, where the interviewee asked the following questions:
* How many goals the team scored in the last season?
* Who is the main player of the team?

The answers of Guardiola are very interesting and will be very useful to the fans.

This is a list of the best football games of the season.
It is easy to watch them on the website of sports statistics.
Now, the attention of the fans is focused on the Champions League, where many interesting confrontations are taking place.
However, the main event of the tournament is the play-off round, where several teams will fight for the right to enter the next stage of the Champions league.
This is the most important competition of the Old Continent, where each club has to play with at least 4 matches.
These confrontations can be quite tense, especially if the teams are playing against each other for the first time.
In the last round, the teams of the group stage were:
• Barcelona;
• PSG;
and Real Madrid.
Each of them played with at most 6 matches. The last round was quite tense and ended with the victory of the Catalans.
You can follow the results of the confrontations on the sports statistics website.
They are available in several formats, which will allow you to choose the most convenient one.
There are many interesting games, but the main one is the one between the teams from the Champions play-offs.
Here, the first matches are held, so it is very important to follow the development of events.
Many of the teams have already played in the Champions stage, so the confrontational games are becoming more and more frequent.
Also, the fans can follow them on a convenient platform.
All the results are available on the site of sports analytics.
Thanks to it, it is easy for you to find the latest information about the matches of the most interesting confrontational series.
Among the most popular are the matches between:
1. Manchester City and Liverpool;
2. Real and Barcelona;
3. Bayern and Juventus.
Of course, the last one is not the most prestigious, but this is the best club in the Old World.
At the same time, the level of the clubs is quite high, so there is no doubt that the confrontation will be tense and exciting.
Fans can follow all the results on the platform of sports analysts.
On the website, you will find the schedule of the games, as well as the statistics of each match.
Thus, it will be possible to find all the information about this confrontational event in just a few seconds.
If you want to be the first to learn the latest news from the world of your favorite team, you can go to the website. Here, you’ll find the results and the schedule, as you see on the picture.
As for the matches, you have the opportunity to watch the following:
· the first round;
· the first matches of each of the groups;
and the last round.
Moreover, you won’t miss any important game, so you can always find the information here.
Today, the confrontative matches are becoming increasingly popular, because the teams play against each another for the last time. This time, it’s not the same Barcelona and Real.
Both teams have been in the top 4 for many years, so they have a lot to prove.
That’ s why the confrontantions are becoming so popular.
But it” s not only the Champions that attracts fans’ attention.
For them, there are many other confrontations, which are becoming even more interesting.
One of them is the Europa League, which is also very interesting. Here the teams fight for a place in the Europa zone.
Such a competition is very difficult, because each club can play with only 4 matches in a row.
Therefore, the Europa league is becoming more popular. Now, the matches are being held in the middle of the year, which makes it more interesting for fans.
In addition, the results can be found on the reliable platform. You can follow it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Visit the website to learn all the latest results from the Europa tournament.
A lot of fans are interested in this competition, because it“ s the last chance for a club to get into the Champions club.
After that, the club can enter the Europa club. It is a long and difficult tournament, which can last several years.
Due to this, the clubs have to prove themselves in the first stage.
Liverpool and Manchester City are the teams who have already participated in the competition.
Together with the website you can follow their results.
Do not miss the most intriguing confrontations.

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