How Liverpool could line up with Fekir.

The Reds are in a good shape, and the main problem is the lack of motivation. The team is in a period of transition, and it is not easy to change the way it plays. It is necessary to strengthen the squad, and this can be done only in the transfer market.
Fekir is one of the most sought-after players in the world. He has already been sold for a large amount of money, and now he is a free agent. The price of the transfer is not high, but the club needs to pay a high price for the player.

The main thing is to find a partner for the attacking midfielder. The main problem for the team is the fact that the players are not in the best condition. The players are tired of playing in the Champions League, and they want to play in the Europa League.
However, the main task of the club is to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. This is why the team needs to strengthen its lineup. Fekiri can be a good option for the club.
Main Motivation of the Team
The team is not in a great shape, so it needs to find the motivation. It can be achieved by the acquisition of a good player. The Reds have a good lineup, and Fekiris is a good choice for the acquisition.
In the current season, the club has a good chance to win the Europa league. The squad of the Reds has a lot of potential, and there is no doubt that the club will be able to show its best game.
Thanks to the information on the reliable resource, it will be possible to follow the development of events in the Premier League and other championships.
Latest results of the matches of the championship
The season of the English Premier League has already come to an end. The results of matches of this championship have been presented on the website of sports statistics.
It is worth noting that the championship of England has a number of interesting confrontations. The first of them is the fight for the champion title. The teams of the top division are not equal, so the fight is not simple.
Manchester United and Liverpool are the main contenders for the title. Both teams are in the fight until the last rounds, but they are not able to be the main favorites.
Liverpool is in the strongest position, because the team has the best lineup. The Red Devils have a lot to improve, but this does not affect the fact of the fact. The defense of the team plays well, and only the attacking line can be improved.
United is in an extremely difficult position. The club has problems with the defense, and its lineup is not the best. This fact is reflected in the results of confrontations with the Red Devils.
At the moment, the team of Jose Mourinho is not able not to lose points. The coach of the United has a very good lineup and is able to decide the fate of the game. The opponent of the Red devils is not a team of the strongest, so Mourinho has to be careful.
If the team loses points, then it will lose the fight. The fight for gold medals is the main goal of the Mourinho team, and if the club fails in this, then the coach will lose his job.
Live Results of the Premier league matches
The Premier league is the most popular championship in the English football. The season has already ended, and here is the list of the best matches of it.
1. Manchester United – Liverpool
The fight for champion title is the best match of the season. The match was held in the Old Trafford stadium, and both teams played well. The game ended in the favor of the red devils.
2. Chelsea – Arsenal
The game of the Gunners was quite difficult, because they were not able fully to use the potential of the players. The Blues managed to score only a few points.
3. Tottenham – Everton
The match of Tottenham was quite tense, because it was a game of two teams. Everton was not able completely to use its potential, but it managed to save points. Chelsea and Arsenal were not so successful, but their results were not bad.
4. Manchester City – Chelsea
The City team was quite confident in the game with Chelsea. The score was 3:0 for the Blues.
5. Everton – Manchester United
The Everton game was quite interesting, because both teams had good lineup. Everton managed to get the victory, and so it became the first Everton team to win a trophy.
6. Liverpool – Leicester City
The Liverpool game was the most interesting game of all the matches. The Merseysiders were not in their best shape, but managed to win.
7. Watford – Chelsea – Norwich – Tottenham – Arsenal – Chelsea again
The matches of Watford and Chelsea were quite tense. The Watford players were not at their best, but were able to save the game and win. The Arsenal and Chelsea teams were not as successful, and their results are not so good.
8. Norwich – Brighton – Watford
The Norwich game was a real surprise, because at the beginning of the match the team was not at its best. Brighton managed to take advantage of this, and managed to finish the game in the lead.

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