90min’s official guide to the World Cup 2018. Previewing all 48 teams .

90min’s official guide to the World Cup 2018. Previewing all 48 teams.
The tournament season is in full swing, and the fans can not wait for the decisive matches, which will decide the fate of the champion title.
The draw for the tournament favorites was held on June 13, and it is quite obvious that the favorites will be:
* England;
* Germany;

* Spain;

The latter is followed by Brazil, which is in the middle of the standings.
In the group stage, the teams were divided into three groups. The top two teams of each group advanced to the playoffs.

The first matches of the playoffs were held on July 22 and 23, and they were quite successful. The first matches showed that the teams are quite capable of winning gold medals.
This is especially true of the German Bundesliga, where Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich showed excellent results.
Borussia is the main favorite of the tournament, as it has won the champion’s title twice. The team has been able to achieve this due to the following factors:
1. Excellent selection of players. The Bundesliga has a good number of leaders, who can decide the outcome of the match.
2. Individual skills of the players. Many of them are able to make a single mistake, which allows the team to win.
3. Individual skill of the leaders. They are able not only to make the right decisions, but also to create the right combinations.
It is clear that the team will not give up its position in the standings, so the fans will be able to watch the matches of Borussia and Bayern in full.
Latest football results of the top teams of the Bundesliga
The Bundesliga is the second most popular football league in Germany, and many fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the new season.
At the moment, the top-rated teams are:
· Borussia;
· Bayern;
· Schalke.
All the results of these teams are available on the reliable resource.
Fans can follow the development of events in the Bundesliga on the sports statistics website.
Football results of other teams from all over the world
The football season in the world is in its final stage, and dozens of teams from various parts of the world have already played in the European Championships.
However, the main favorites of the championship are: England, Italy, Germany, Spain, and France.
These countries have won the most gold medals, and their fans are expecting a lot from the new tournament.
Among the main contenders for the title, the following teams stand out:
• Liverpool;

• Manchester City;
the latter is the current champion.
Also, the Spanish La Liga has a great chance of winning the champion’s title. Barcelona is the favorite of this championship, as well as Real Madrid.
Liverpool is the team that is expected to win the most trophies, as the team has won gold medals in the Champions League five times and the Premier League four times.
Many fans are also interested in the future of the team, as they are seriously considering the sale of the captain, Steven Gerrard.
Manchester United is the other team that has a chance of becoming the champion. The Red Devils have won gold in the Premier league three times, and in the last season they managed to win a trophy.
Follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the latest information about the matches.
Live football scores and detailed statistics of matches
The sports statistics site offers the latest football results, aswell as detailed statistics and the live scores of matches. The site is available to users from all parts of Europe.
One of the main teams that is considered to be the main contender for the champion cup is Liverpool. The Reds are the current champions of the Premier club league, and this is a good result for the team.
Despite the fact that the club has a number of problems, it is still the main candidate for winning the gold medals of the English Premier league. The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation.
Most of the fans are interested in how the team can improve its results, and how it will be possible to win gold medals again.
Main rivals of Liverpool in the championship
The main rivals of the Reds are: Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Bayern.
Each of these clubs has a different set of problems. The following are the main problems of the teams:
● Lack of motivation;

● Lack of a good selection of leaders;
● Weak defense;
It has been known for a long time that the main goal of the Red Devils is to win back the champion cups of the Old World.
Chelsea is the club that is the most likely to win it, as many of its leaders are able, even despite the fact they are in the second division.
Arsenal has a serious problem with the defense, as its players are not able to defend the ball in the attack.
Tottenham Hotspur is the only team that does not have a good set of leaders.
You can follow live football scores on the site of sports statistic, where detailed statistics are available.
Detailed statistics of the matches
Fans of football can follow detailed statistics on the football matches.

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